The Lil Nas X Virtual Concert

As the exclusive concert content provider for Roblox, Symbol Zero brings innovation to their global video game platform, by launching the first of a series of virtual concerts.

The innovation that Social Networking brought to the Internet has now matured.  The next phase of innovation desired by human beings is connected experiences in our current world where social distancing is of paramount importance.  This global new reality has created opportunities for digital entertainment companies to explore the interests and passion of avid gamers and music lovers.

Symbol Zero combined forces with Roblox, Ctrl-Alt-Create, and House of Moves, to deliver a virtual concert that attracted more than 33 million views.

Using the latest in 3D capture technology, Lil Nas X was digitally scanned to create four unique, lifelike avatars to perform his hits.  Working with Lil Nas X’s choreographers and designers, Symbol Zero led the design of the show’s visuals and flow; from concepts to storyboards, animatics, avatar, environment design, creation, and motion capture direction.  Every nuance of the artist and their performance was brought to larger-than-life reality – integrating the concert experience with gameplay and audience interaction.

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